XOS SP-WW35 SpillTech WaterWick Fuel Tank Water Absorber (3.5" x 12")

Sale price$22.99 USD


SpillTech WaterWick Fuel Tank Water Absorber (3.5in x 12in)

Part Number: XOS SP-WW35

Maintain peak performance and prevent engine failure. A WaterWick sorbent pulls in water that collects in fuel tanks before it can cause damage. 

  • Helps preserve engine life and prevent frozen lines by removing water from fuel stores; also minimizes filter-clogging rust and algae 
  • Ballast forces WaterWick to bottom of tank, where unwanted water settles; highly-absorbent filler pulls in water but repels gas and diesel fuel
  • Tough nylon line for easy deployment and retrieval
  • Dimensions - extended diameter 3.5" x 12" L



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