XIT NW-00256-300B Intex Cloth-Like Heavy-Duty Shop Towels (300/bx)

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Intex Cloth-Like Heavy Duty Shop Towels (300 in a square box)

Part Number: XIT NW-00256-300B

Intex Shop Towels are heavy-duty blue automotive towels made from natural fibers. These shop towels are five times stronger and more durable than the competition. They're different because the wipers are hydro-entangled with strong polymer filaments and embossed for enhanced surface efficacy. That makes them lint-free, streak-free, super absorbent, and longer lasting. They contain no glue, so they work better in water and oil and they will not break down in solvents. The product is easy to store and dispense from the roll. They are the ideal all-purpose household cleaner for the garage while working on your car or recreational vehicle, at the workshop, on the job, or at home. They are sky blue in color. Intex Shop Towels are used on most surfaces, including wood, glass, ceramic, tile, carpet, cement, metal, granite, marble, slate, and stainless steel. These automotive shop towels are safe for your hands and can be used with most household and industrial cleaners. They can be used for general wiping jobs or for tough scrubbing and scouring.

  • Lint-free shop towels
  • Solvent resistance makes these cleaning towels perfect for any working condition
  • Heavy-duty wiper for tough jobs
  • Absorbent and reusable to minimize waste
  • Durable and tough cleaning product
  • Engineered for wiping and general cleaning

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