XIT NW-00255-300W Intex Cloth-Like Heavy-Duty Rags (300/bx)

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Intex Cloth-Like Heavy Duty Rags (300 in a square box)

Part Number: XIT NW-00255-300W

Heavy-Duty Intex Cloth-Like Rags are a major advancement over leading disposable shop towels and “rags” made from paper pulp bonded with glue. Intex Cloth-Like Rags are made from natural fibers that have been hydroentangled with strong polymers to create a super-strong, super absorbent, solvent resistant, streak, and lint-free shop towel. Intex Cloth-Like Rags are the most durable disposable rag available for all of your workshop’s toughest wiping tasks.

  • Heavy-duty and cloth-like
  • 5 times stronger than paper shop towels
  • Solvent resistant for the toughest cleaning jobs
  • Super absorbent in all liquids including paint, grease and oil
  • Contains no glue or latex binders, so they are streak and lint free

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