WLO 497 Wolo iHorn Gas Horn

Sale price$15.00 USD


Wolo iHorn Gas Horn

Part Number: WLO 497

  • 116 Decibels
  • 800 Hz – Low Range
  • Trumpet: Plastic red plastic
  • Trumpet Size: L13-1/4 in. x W 2-3/4 in.

    The Model 497 is compact in size making it easily to be carried. iHorn delivers a power blast that will be heard with the simple press on the horn button. Ideal for marine, jogging, camping, sports events and anytime a powerful alerting sound is needed. iHorn is environmentally safe using 152a gas (no CFC’s), 1.8 oz.

    IMPORTANT: Due to EPA regulations R134a is not allowed to be used as the propellant to sound hand held horns.  Before referring to SDS or MSDS information always check the can or package for which propellant the can was filled with.



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