WLO 320-2T Wolo Maxi Sound Trumpet Horns (12V, 115 db)

Sale price$36.00 USD


Wolo Maxi Sound Trumpet Horns (12 Volt, 115 Decibel)

Part Number: WLO 320-2T

  • 12-volt
  • Current: 7-amp
  • 115 Decibels 410/510 Hz
  • Size: 3-12 inch diameter

Universal replacement horn set, (1 high tone / 1 low tone) connects to all one (1) or two (2) wire systems. Fits all 12-volt vehicles built since 1955. Maxi Sound produces a HIGH POWER ALERTING SOUND. Will also dress up any engine compartment, each horn has a stainless steel grill and red plastic cover.



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