WLO 308-2T Wolo Sonic Blast Disc Horns (12V, 118 db)

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Wolo Sonic Blast Disc Horns (12 Volt, 118 Decibel)

Part Number: WLO 308-2T

  • 12-volt
  • Current: 16-amp
  • 118 Decibels 335/400 Hz
  • Size: 5 inch diameter

Wolo’s new SONIC BLAST is designed for the vehicle owner that wants to dress-up their engine compartment and demands a powerful horn sound, THAT WILL BE HEARD! Replaces existing horns or ideal for new horn installations. Two horns, one high tone and one low tone, have a beautiful red and black painted finish. SONIC BLAST easily installs in any 12-volt vehicle. Each horn has a heavy-duty steel-mounting bracket that requires one bolt mounting. Rugged, painted all metal construction, will ensure the vehicle owner many years of dependable service. If you want a powerful alerting sound, go no further, SONIC BLAST is the horn for you.





Automann: 571.1305HE, 5711305HE
Hella: 003399801

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