VIC 44005OC OxiClean Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes (30 ct)

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OxiClean Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes (30 count)

Part Number: VIC 44005OC

OxiClean Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes has a dual matrix technology for the ultimate in automotive detailing. Duo-Wipes towels has two surface for interior cleaning, scrubbing fibers for deep clean and smooth fibers wipes for streak free finish. Twice as large as the traditional wipes with new car scent. Made for BIG jobs! Oxiclean Automotive tools deliver powerful cleaning through technology and innovation to enhance and simplify the car care experience.

  • 2-IN-1 Scrub & Clean Design
  • Deep Cleans everywhere you need inside your vehicle
  • Smooth Fibers wipe areas clean
  • Great for all parts of your car, truck, SUV and home
  • New Car Scent
  • Scrubbing fibers reach deep into surfaces
  • 2x larger compared to traditional cleaning wipes
  • Dual-Matrix Technology

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