THP CQ24078 Thermoid PCV/EEC Fuel Hose 5/16" ID

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Thermoid PCV/EEC Carburetor Low Pressure Fuel Line Hose 5/16" ID (sold by foot)

Part Number: THP CQ24078

Alternate: RBR 27003

Designed for carrying gasoline, E-85, diesel, and bio-diesel fuels in cars, trucks, busses, etc. Temperature ranges from -40 degrees to plus 257 degrees Fahrenheit. Withstands oil, grease, abrasion, and ozone. Exceeds the burst requirements of the SAE J30R6 specification.

Meets the SAE J30R6 specification.

Outside Diameter (OD): 0.562 in

Pressure Rating: 50 PSI

Roll Length: 25 ft

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