SLB LOADRBX2 Sylvania LED Load Equalizer

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Sylvania LED Load Equalizer Resistor (12 Volt)

Part Number: SLB LOADRBX2

The SYLVANIA Load Equalizer can be used to eliminate hyper flashing and CANbus error codes or bulb out warnings. This most often occurs with turn signal applications in some vehicles, causing the bulb to blink much faster than normal or display a message on the dashboard after replacing an incandescent with an LED bulb. Easily installed in parallel with each LED bulb, it will ensure normal lighting operations so you can enjoy your LED upgrade.

  • COMPATIBILITY: For use with most vehicles when installing aftermarket LED bulbs
  • DIY INSTALLATION: Easy to mount, attach the SYLVANIA load equalizer to a flat metal surface, then attach wires to those of socket with provided clips
  • RESOLVES POWER ISSUES: Corrects bulb flashing, flickering, CANbus error codes and bulb out warnings that can occur when switching to LED.

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