SLB LBARHRNS3P.BX Sylvania Dual Mode 1 Output LED Wiring Harness

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Sylvania Dual Mode 1 Output LED Wiring Harness


Voltage Output: 12 Volts DC
Switch Type: Rocker Style

The SYLVANIA LED wiring harness for a pigtail connector simplifies the installation of one SYLVANIA LED lightbar or light pod by connecting the lightbar to its power source. The harness is designed to prevent overheating and protects your connections from the off-road elements, making it the perfect accessory to your SYLVANIA LED lighting assembly.

  • UNIVERSAL: Works with all 12V vehicles. Simply connect to your battery terminals, mount the switch, and plug in your LED lightbar, pod, or cube. Uses crimp terminals to create a weatherproof connection to LED lights with 2 functions
  • HEAVY DUTY: Uses crimp terminals to create a weatherproof connection to LED lights with 2 functions. Flexible wire loom plastic shielding to protect the wire from abrasion, puncture, vibration, and other environmental hazards.
  • PROTECT YOUR LIGHTBARS : SYLVANIA LED Lightbar harnesses have an in-line 20 Amp fuse to protect from overheating. They also have a 40 Amp 12V DC relay switch to safely energize the high power LED light bar.
  • Designed to be tough enough for a wide range of applications. Compatible with Jeeps, Trucks, Cars, Boats, SUV, UTV, ATV, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, 4x4, and other 4WD vehicles.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with any 12V LED light that has pigtail connectors. Specific SYLVANIA LED Driving Lights that this is compatible with: CUBEXSP.WEB, CUBEXFL.WEB, CUBEX45FL.WEB, LIGHTBAR2N1SP.WEB

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