SCO 32896 Scott Blue Glass Towels (1 roll)

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Scott Blue Glass Towels (Single Roll)

Part Number: SCO 32896

When you want your project to really shine, finish it with Scott® Glass Shop Towels. They are designed especially for the automotive industry, so you can get a streak-free clean for glass, windows, windshields, chrome and mirrors. These blue shop towels are made with UCTAD technology and contain no binders or glues in the base sheet, so they are low lint and low streaking. Whether you own an automotive shop or are a D.I.Y. weekend warrior, you can trust Scott® Glass Shop Towels as your spray-and-wipe solution.

  • The blue sheet color is designed especially for automotive projects and will not streak
  • The roll is portable and fits on standard roll holders
  • Scott® Glass Shop Towels, Roll of 90 Perforated Towels
  • Designed for polishing and wiping glass, chrome, windows and mirrors
  • UCTAD technology base sheet doesn't contain binders or glues, so the disposable towels are low lint and low streaking

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