RAA T2 VP Racing Fuels T2 2-Cycle Pre-Mixed 40:1 Ethanol Free Race Fuel (5 Gal)

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VP Racing Fuels T2 2 Cycle Premixed 40:1 Ethanol Free Race Fuel (5 Gallon Pail)

Part Number: RAA T2

They formulate VP T2 2-stroke engine fuel at a 40:1 ratio of fuel and oil. It includes a JASO FD-rated synthetic oil package. They design T2 for today’s modern stock or modified 2-stroke engines. Additionally, it offers optimum performance when combined with the fuel's other components. Because it contains no ethanol, T2 prevents repairs needed for ethanol-related problems. This increases the time between rebuilds, extends the life of your engine, and lowers your long-term costs, all while making more power over pump gas.



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