RAA 6635 VP Racing Fuels 89 Octane Ethanol Free 2/4-Cycle Fix-It-Fuel (1 QT)

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VP Racing Fuels Ethanol Free 89 Octane 40:1/50:1 2/4-Cycle Fix-It-Fuel (1 Quart Bottle)

Part Number: RAA 6635

Use VP Fix-It-Fuel if your lawnmower won't start (or any other piece of outdoor power equipment). Fix-It-Fuel is a single-use treatment for poor or non-running small engines damaged by ethanol-blended street gas. It cleans and rejuvenates the fuel system. As a result, your equipment will start more quickly and operate in top condition. Fix-It-Fuel is an 89-octane gas. It’s ETHANOL-FREE and pre-mixed with oil. Although it’s a 50:1 mix, it works in any 2-cycle and 4-cycle (2 stroke/4 stroke)small engine application.
Fix It Fuel cleans and repairs the fuel system without removing the carburetor or injectors, thus avoiding costly repairs and downtime. We recommend using VP Fix-It-Fuel as a pre-treatment before introducing ETHANOL-FREE VP Small Engine Fuel, which is designed for ongoing use to prevent ethanol-related problems from occurring in the first place.
They design a technologically-advanced 40:1 mix, 50:1 mix, and Multi-Mix 40:1/50:1, which is excellent for people who own a combination of equipment that calls for both 40:1 and 50:1 fuel.

  • Cleans carburetors and injectors
  • Fixes ethanol issues caused by pump gas
  • Rejuvenates rubber and plastic
  • Off season storage protection


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