RAA 6295 VP Racing Fuels 40:1 Pre-Mixed 2-Cycle Ethanol Free Race Fuel (1 Qt)

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VP Racing Fuels 40:1 Premixed 2 Cycle Ethanol Free Race Fuel (1 Quart Bottle)

Part Number: RAA 6295

VP 40:1 premixed fuel is ethanol-free and remains stable for two years in the tank and five years in a sealed can. It features a JASO FD oil package. Our 40:1 premix ensures reliable starts and helps extend the life and improve the performance of outdoor power equipment.

VP 40:1 premix fuel is ethanol-free and blended with premium base stocks and JASO FD certified oil. It also packs 94 octane. We design it specifically for 2-cycle (2-stroke) engines in portable outdoor equipment, like chainsaws, string trimmers, and snow throwers, for example.

We engineer our 40:1 Premix using advanced technology to ensure a cleaner-burning fuel. As a result, you get easier and more reliable starts while your equipment runs at peak performance. You no longer have to spend extra time mixing gas and oil. As we mentioned, the lubricant package in our fuel mix meets or exceeds JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD, API TC standards, and all manufacturers' specs, including Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Maruyama, Shindaiwa, and more! Each can has the perfect oil and gas mix ratio.

  • Premixed perfectly - every time! No more hassling with your own 40:1 gas oil mix
  • Ethanol-free - prevents ethanol-related corrosion problems
  • Provides more effortless and more reliable starts
  • Remains stable 2 years in the tank and 5 years in the sealed container
  • Extends engine life and improves the performance of outdoor power equipment
  • Helps to prevent costly repairs and rebuilds
  • Eliminates the need for and cost of adding fuel stabilizers


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