PENTOSIN Multipurpose Anti-Freeze E | PTN 8113206 | 5 US L | VIOLET/PURPLE

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Pentosin Multi-Purpose Anti-Freeze E (5 Liter, Violet/Purple)
Part Number: PTN 8113206

Pentofrost E is an environmentally friendly multipurpose Antifreeze CONCENTRATE for multipurpose applications in watercooled engines. This coolant provides the same exceptional performance as our Pentofrost ++ but it is utilizing a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process — now using glycerin in addition to our glycol base. It does not contain any nitrites, amines, or phosphorous containing additives. Pentofrost E protects all material used in cooling systems and is recommended for non-ferrous metals and year-round use. Pentofrost E can be used where the VW G11, G12, G12+, G12++, G13, and MB G40 are required. Meets ASTM D-3306.

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