PENTOSIN A4 AntiFreeze -50/50 | PTN 8115209 | 1 US GAL | PINK

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Pentosin A4 Anti-Freeze (1 Gallon)
Part Number: PTN 8115209

Pentofrost A4 is a phosphated organic acid technology (phosphated OAT); which is categorized as HOAT (hybrid organic acid technology) in the US market. Pentofrost A4 is suitable for all Asian vehicles using “pink” Antifreeze/Coolant. Pentofrost A4 does not contain any silicate, borate, nitrite, or amine additives since these may harm your Asian vehicle. Do not mix with other coolants (especially silicated coolants), as this may cause gel formation and clog your radiator. Pentofrost A4 is a PREDILUTED antifreeze for Asian vehicle applications in water-cooled engines. It contains phosphates and organic salts to protect all materials used in cooling systems for Asian vehicles. Pentofrost A4 is mixable with all phosphated OAT’s. Meets ASTM D-3306.

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