NPG 25205 New Pig Universal Absorbent Mat (5 pk)

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New Pig Universal Lightweight Absorbent Mat (5 pack)

Part Number: NPG 25205

PIG® Mat instantly sucks in oils, coolants, solvents, and water. Spill something on the floor, and PIG® Mat will suck it up fast. Just put it down and let it work. With PIG® Mat on your benchtop, your parts and tools stay clean and organized and the mess

  • Perforated for easy tearing to the size needed; eliminate waste and save money
  • Faster cleanup, handle the mess and get back to work
  • Grit and dust free, will not damage delicate sensors, parts or drains
  • Easy to use, just put it down, let it work and pick it up
  • Quickly absorbs and retains all common automotive fluids and solvents: oils, coolants, water, gasoline, paint overspray, battery acid and more
  • PIG® Mat eight layers of polypropylene will not fall apart even when saturated
  • No tracking around, helps maintain a clean, professional shop
  • Contains 50% recycled fibers

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