LUB 550054449 | SHELL ROTTELLA T1 SAE 30 | 1 US GAL

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  • Part#: LUB 550054449
  • Type: Shell Rotella T1 SAE 30 (30W) Conventional Heavy Duty Motor Oil 1 Gallon

  • Formulated with well-proven performance additives to fight engine wear and deposits, providing reliable lubrication and consistent performance
  • Suitable for use in many turbo and non-turbocharged light/medium-duty diesel-powered trucks and transport operations, including city operations and long-distance service
  • Mono-grade or Straight-grade diesel engine oil that provides reliable all-year-round performance in the applications for which it is intended
  • Can provide dependable lubrication for small-to-medium agricultural equipment, such as tractors. Also suitable for many low/medium-powered stationary applications such as diesel-powered water pumps, generators, etc.

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