LTG 99170 Grote Ultra Seal-Corrosion Preventative Sealant (4 oz)

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Grote Ultra Seal Corrosion Preventative Sealant (4 Ounce Tube)

Part Number: LTG 99170

Grote UltraSeal is not dielectric grease.

Ideal for heavy-duty, automotive, agricultural, marine, industrial, and recreational applications, Grote’s Ultra-Seal corrosion preventive sealant contained added tackifiers to improve adhesion and resistance to washout.

  • Good mechanical stability
  • Cost-effective product prevents rust and corrosion
  • Added tackifiers improve adhesion and resistance to washout
  • Has a 25% higher non-conductivity rating compared to the competition


    Technical Specifications

    • Operating Temperature: -40°C (-40°F) to 150°C (302°F)
    • Pack Quantity: 1
    • VMRS: 053-999-096
    • Package Type: Tube
    • Product Type: Sealant



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