LTG 61031 Grote LED WhiteLight Recessed Small Mount Light

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Grote Rectangle LED WhiteLight Recessed Small Mount Interior Light

Part Number: LTG 61031

The Grote LED WhiteLight™, with its 50,000-service-hour rating, is designed to shine brighter longer. This light family features encapsulant potting for total circuit-board protection against moisture and corrosion and will fit existing, similar incandescent lamp mountings.

  • Hardwire dome light
  • LED light is rated to 50,000 service hours
  • Easy installation with surface mount switched bracket
  • Shatter-proof clear lens with screws for easy mounting or bulb replacement system
  • Fits existing, similar incandescent light mounting
  • Encapsulant potting for total circuit board protection against moisture and corrosion
  • Kit comes partially disassembled for efficient mounting
  • Low heat; will not melt lens

      Technical Specifications

      • Color: White
      • Voltage: 12V
      • Mounting Type: Recessed
      • Connection Type: Blunt Cut
      • Lens Color: Clear
      • Shape: Rectangular
      • Amperage: 1.1A
      • Bulb: 93, 15 CP
      • VMRS: 034-004-452
      • Material: Polycarbonate Lens, Steel Housing
      • Product Type: Dome Light
      • Housing Color: Silver
      • # of Wires: 1

      Lens: 90401



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