LTG 49333 Grote MicroNova Dot LED Clearance Marker Light (Amber, P2/PC)

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Grote MicroNova Dot LED Clearance Marker Light (Amber)

Part Number: LTG 49333

The MicroNova® Dot provides a bright pinpoint of light exactly where it is needed. The mounting bracket has two drain holes on either side of the lamp, so water will drain away from the lamp itself. The new design of the light is thinner and compact, so you can mount it using less mounting surface. Yet it uses the same vehicle hole pattern, existing vehicles can be retrofitted easily. The mounting bracket's durable polycarbonate material ensures years of effective use, and it includes slotted mounting holes for even more flexibility when mounting the bracket on the vehicle.

  • Sleek aerodynamic styling extends less than 3/8" from mounted surface
  • No fasteners required

    Technical Specifications

    • Material: Acrylic Lens, PVC Grommet
    • Color: Amber/Yellow
    • Lens Color: Amber
    • Amperage: .05A
    • Mounting Type: Grommet
    • Connection Type: Standard .180" Male Bullet
    • Size: 1"
    • Regulations: FMVSS 108
    • Functions: P2/PC
    • Mtg Hole: .75"
    • VMRS: 034-004-253
    • Diameter: 1"
    • Product Type: Clearance Marker
    • Shape: Round

           42063              42110              94350



    Automann: 571.LD33A3, 571LD33A3, 571.LD331A1, 571LD331A1
    Maxxima: M09300Y
    Optronics: MCL10AKA10PG, MCL11AKB, MCL12AKB
    Peterson: M177ABT2, 171KA
    Trucklite: 33050Y, 33075Y, 33275Y
    Trux: TLED-B2A, TLEDB2A

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