FRL F817-14 FRAM Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease (14 oz)

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FRAM Premium Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease (14 Ounce Tube)

Part Number: FRL F817-14

FRAM Premium Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease is a lithium complex grease that contains unique polymers, anti-wear agents, with rust and oxidation inhibitors to provide the high performance properties. It has been designed to lubricate under operating conditions in marine applications. Recommended for trailer wheel bearings, including disc brake applications, trailer chassis lubrication, and outboards.

  • Universal marine applications
  • Highly resistant to salt and fresh water
  • Contains additives to protect against rust and oxidation
  • Possesses excellent extreme pressure (EP) and antiwear (AW) properties
  • Insolubility when submerged
  • Excellent resistance to water washing


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