FRL F780-32 FRAM 80W-90 Gear Oil (1 QT)

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FRAM Premium SAE 80W90 Gear Oil With Additives (1 Quart Bottle)

Part Number: FRL F780-32

  • Multi-purpose gear lubricant
  • Designed for API Service Classification GL-5
  • Formulated to ensure extreme pressure performance, anti-wear, corrosion inhibition, rust prevention, and foam reduction
  • Recommended for top off or complete refill in passenger cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles where an 80W-90 Gear Oil is specified
  • Limited slip differentials for top-off only
  • Provides excellent load carrying ability and wear resistance
  • High quality additives
  • Limited slip additive must be used with this gear oil for complete re-fill in limited slip applications


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