FRL 462-02 FRAM Full Synthetic 2 Cycle 50:1 Oil (2.6 OZ)

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FRAM Full Synthetic 2-Cycle 50:1 Oil (2.6 Ounce Bottle)

Part Number: FRL 462-02

Specially formulated for use in high-performance air-cooled 2-cycle small engines such as lawn mowers, string trimmers and chain saws. 50:1 Mix Ratio for 1-Gallon of Gas

  • 2.6 OZ oil to 1 GAL gas is a 50:1 ratio
  • Suitable for ISO-L-EGD, JASO FD, API TC
  • Includes Fuel Stabilizer
  • Prolongs Spark Plug Life
  • Meets Requirements of JASO FB
  • Protects Piston and Cylinder from Scuffing and Wear
  • Reduces Carbon Deposits
  • Promotes Engine Cleanliness


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