ET LIN1230 Lincoln Whip Hose w/ Spring Guard & Coupler (30")

Sale price$63.00 USD


Lincoln 1230 PowerLuber Spring Guarded Whip Hose with Coupler (30 inch)

Part Number: ET LIN1230

Hose works with the PowerLuber Rechargeable Grease Gun Model # 1242 (not included). It is a 30 in. flex hose with spring guard and coupler. High pressure hose.

  • Sold separately and also as an accessory in Lincoln PowerLuber 12-Volt cordless rechargeable grease gun kit
  • Used on the working end of self-storing air hose, as well as straight hoses, as a means of minimizing costs
  • Will absorb the shock and vibration, protecting the coupler from these damaging effects
  • Will take the brunt of the abuse, giving the hose a much longer service life

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