ET LIN1134 Lincoln Extra Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun W/ 18" Flex Hose

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Lincoln Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Part Number: ET LIN1134

The Lincoln Model 1134 delivers where other grease guns fail. The cast aluminum heads and enclosed piston assembly work together to produce a grease gun that withstands the abuse of even the harshest lubrication environments. While extremely durable, the 1134 is also very comfortable. Its unique design and special pivot angle significantly reduce user fatigue. Some additional features include a jam-proof handle return mechanism, rugged single piece head casting, filler coupler/bleeder valve combination, extra heavy follower spring, Lincoln exclusive “flip over” follower, three-way loading: cartridge, suction or bulk along with an 18" flexible hose with coupler and a rigid 4" tube.

  • Variable stroke mechanism allows for a high-pressure option for high-tolerance applications
  • Develops up to 7,500 psi
  • Premium dual-lip follower eliminates grease bypass for a cleaner work environment and no wasted grease
  • Includes combination filler nipple/air bleeder to bulk fill and easily release trapped air to keep grease gun primed
  • Includes both an 18 inch whip hose and 6 inch rigid extension for easy access to almost any grease fitting


Automann: 579.1222P, 5791222
Lumax: LX1152

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