ECO EW2491 ECCO Five 3-Watt LED Worklamp (Flood, Oval, 1 Bolt)

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ECCO EW2491 Series Five 3-Watt LED Work Lamp (Flood, Oval, 1 Bolt) 

Part Number: ECO EW2491

These compact oval worklamps offer the latest technology and very brightest white light for your application. Available in spot and flood beam patterns these unobtrusive worklamps provide extremely high light intensity despite their small size. These LED models offer over 80,000 hours of maintenance free life expectancy coupled with extremely low amp draw.

  • 12-24 VDC, 0.6 A
  • Five 3-watt LEDs
  • Compact design
  • Aluminum heatsink housing
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Steel mounting bracket

Mount: 1 Bolt
Color: White
Lumens: 725 Raw
Height: 3.8
Length/Width: 3.3
Depth: 1.7
Voltage: 12-24 V
Amps: 0.6


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