ECO ED3702AC ECCO Directional 12 LED Light (4.7", Amber/White, 2 Bolt)

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ECCO ED3702 Series Directional 12 LED Light (4.7" Amber/White, 2 Bolt) 

Part Number: ECO ED3702AC

ED3702 directional LEDs are bright and versatile warning lights suited to a wide variety of applications. Their ultra-low profile makes them easy to install virtually anywhere on a vehicle. Both models offer wide angle optics and multiple flash patterns, including synchronization with other units for simultaneous or alternating operation. The ED3702XX is a dual-color light featuring 12 LEDs (6 of each color) and is available in 7 color configurations. The ED3702XXX is a tri-color light featuring 18 LEDs (6 of each color) and is available in 4 color configurations. Each LED color can be controlled independently.

  • 12-24 VDC, 1.25 A
  • High-intensity LEDs provide exceptional warning
  • Ultra low-profile surface mount
  • Synchronizable
  • Die-cast base with polycarbonate lens
  • Temperature Range: -22ºF to +122ºF (-30ºC to +50ºC)

Mount: 2 Bolt
Color: Amber/White
Flash Pattern: 69
Height: 1.2
Length/Width: 4.7
Depth: 0.5
Voltage: 12-24 V
Amps: 1.25


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