ECO 9013B ECCO Concealed LED Warning Light (1.5", Blue, 1" Hole)

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ECCO 9013 Series Hide-A-LED™ Concealed Warning Light (1.5" Length, Blue, 1" Hole)

Part Number: ECO 9013B

Similar to the 9011 series unit, the 9013 features two additional LEDs providing high- 7/64” Pilot Screw Holes intensity light output. The Hide-A-LED low profile allows for mounting in small, confined light casings typical of newer model vehicle headlights and tail lights. A sealed in-line driver module eliminates the need for a remote power supply. The 9013 also features 16 flash patterns and synchronization capability with other Hide-A-LEDs and the 3510.

  • 12-24 VDC, 1.25 A
  • Six 1-watt high-intensity LEDs provide exceptional warning
  • 16 flash patterns including single, double, triple, quad, deci and cycle all
  • Multiple heads are synchronizable (simultaneous or alternating operation)
  • Colorless when not illuminated
  • In-line waterproof driver module eliminates need for a remote power supply
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate lens, nickel-plated housing and 9’ cable

Mount: 1" Hole
Color: Blue
Flash Pattern: 16
Directional Type: 6 LEDs, 1 Head
Height: 1.3
Length/Width: 1.5

Voltage: 12-24 V
Amps: 1.25


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