ECO 5580AVM ECCO 5580 Series Reflex 15" LED Minibar (Vacuum Mount, Amber Lens)

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ECCO 5580 Series Reflex 15" LED Minibar (Vacuum-Mount, Amber Lens, Single Color Amber)

Part Number: ECO 5580AVM

5580 Series LED minibars provide a compact yet powerful warning solution that offers the flexibility of either permanent, vacuum-magnet or magnet mounting. Featuring 12-24 VDC operation, the Reflex® uses high intensity LEDs and reflective technology to maximize light output. Users can select from 18 flash patterns, either via trigger wire on permanent and semi-permanent HBT mount models or cigarette plug switch on magnetic models.

  • 12-24 VDC, 2.7 Amps
  • Eight LED reflector modules, each comprising three LEDs provide high intensity light output
  • Choice of 18 flash patterns
  • Polycarbonate base & low profile lens
  • Temperature Range: -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C)

Mounting: Vacuum Mount
Color: Amber
Flash Pattern: 18
Height: 2.5
Length/Width: 15
Depth: 9
Voltage: 12-24 V
Amps: 2.7


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