CPS 18849 Hoppy Mini Arctic Plow Extendable Snow Broom (35")

Sale price$22.99 USD


Hoppy SubZero Mini Arctic Plow Telescoping Snow Rake (35")

Part Number: CPS 18849

The SubZero® 35" Arctic Plow is the perfect item for snow heavy regions. The heavy-duty, wide EVA foam head can move the deepest, wettest snow while not damaging your vehicle.

  • Clear deep, heavy snow with a no-scratch 13.75" wide foam head
  • The ethylene vinyl acetate foam head won't scratch paintwork or other delicate surfaces.
  • Folds down to 23 inches for compact storage.
  • It has a rubber grip for comfort that prevents slipping when hands or gloves are wet.
  • Strong steel extendable handle for greater reach.
  • Assorted colors

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