CPS 14038 Hopkins Crossover Snow Brush (38")

Sale price$20.00 USD


Hopkins Crossover Snow Broom (38")

Part Number: CPS 14038

Hopkins 38" Crossover Snowbroom solves the toughest problem of ice removal which is clearing ice while reaching across the windshield. The revolutionary Curved Power Pole{TM}; gives the proper angle of attack needed to remove ice effectively and efficiently. Along with the pole, this product also features a thick, full brush head to remove heavy snow and a durable ice to get you through the longest winters.

  • Added leverage positions allow application of more pressure to the blade
  • Wide blade clears off frost quickly
  • Pivoting brush head sweeps and pushes snow
  • Curved pole makes scraping ice and frost from the windshield easier
  • Aggressive ice chippers break up the thickest ice

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