CHM A541S30XJ GRIME BOSS Heavy Duty Surface & Hand Wipes (30 ct)

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GRIME BOSS Heavy Duty Surface and Hand Wipes (30 count)

Part Number: CHM A541S30XJ

GRIME BOSS Heavy Duty Surface and hand Wipes were developed to solve the toughest cleaning challenges quickly and easily. They are tough on messes and safe on skin, perfect for home, outdoor, and professional cleaning. Feel and see what makes GRIME BOSS wipes unique. GRIME BOSS Wipes offer a combination of dual scrubbing action one side tough and one side smooth, and a powerful cleaning formula that breaks down grease and oil. The result is simply the most convenient, easy-to-use solution for cleaning surfaces, tools, gear as well as skin. No more dangerous solvents, messy sprays and liquids, buckets and sponges, shop towels or rags. Keep a pack inside the house for everyday messes such as spills, scuffs, and stains. Keep a pack in the garage for cleaning up during camping and after gardening, grilling, or working on the car. You can replace rags. shop towels, paper towels, cleaning chemicals and even, soap and water.

  • Moisture lock lid keeps wipes from drying out
  • Family Safe, no harsh chemicals
  • Dual scrubbing action
  • One Side Tought
  • Easily remove Latex Paint, caulk, oil, grease, adhesive, mud, dirt, odors, stains and more
  • Extra Large
  • Super Strong
  • One Side Smooth
  • Ultra Moisturizing with Vitamin E and Aloe
  • 30 wipes
  • Replaces rags,shop towels, pumic, soap and water
  • Citrus Scented
  • Easily cleans hands, face, tools, and work area

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