CHC 372150036058 Ideal Tridon SmartSeal Clamp Size #36 (2.125" - 2.5625") (2 PK CD)

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Ideal Tridon SmartSeal Worm Gear Clamp Size #36 (2.125" - 2.5625") (53mm - 65mm) (2 Pack Card)

Part Number: CHC 372150036058

SmartSeal® clamps secure hose connections and prevent unwanted flow of fluid and air. Through patented hybrid technology, these next generation clamps seal in a steady 360 degree pattern in response to pressure and temperature changes. With their compact design and lower profile, you get an optimal heavy-duty constant tension clamp without all the bulk.

Material Specifications:

Band: 300 SS
Band Width: 1/2"
Housing: 300 SS
Screw: 300 SS

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