CHC 300300356051 Ideal Tridon Spring Loaded T-Bolt Clamp Size 356 (3.56" - 3.87")

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Ideal Tridon Spring Loaded T Bolt Clamp Size #356 (3.56" - 3.87") (90.4mm - 98.3mm)

Part Number: CHC 300300356051

Spring Loaded T-Bolt clamps provide uniform sealing pressure for a positive, reliable seal where there is a need for constant tension performance. Designed for use in high vibration and large diameter applications common in heavy trucks, industrial machinery, off-road equipment, agricultural irrigation and machinery. Features a spring-loaded t-bolt assembly, a 3/4" wide stainless steel band and welded construction for reliabilty. Custom OEM designs can be developed for volume applications. Available in standard spring and heavy-duty.

Material Specifications:

Band: 301 SS
Band Width: 3/4"
Housing: 301 SS
Screw: CB

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