CH 75712-04-BX Cole Hersee 3 Position Forward & Reverse Rotary Switch (12V, 50A, Momentary, Normally Open/Off, DPDT, 4 Screw)

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Cole Hersee Three Position Universal Forward Reverse Rotary Switch, Shortened Neck (12V, 50A, Momentary, Normally Open/Off, DPDT, 4 Screw)

Part Number: CH 75712-04-BX

Features and Benefits
  • High-Amp Switch
  • Lever actuator.
  • Spring return to Off from both directions.
  • Four screw terminals #10-32 x .375” (9.52mm) screws, with lockwashers.
  • Long mounting stem 1/2"-20 thread, 1 1/4" (31.8mm) long.
  • Plated steel case. For Forward-Reverse action of a motor, giving a motion such as Up-Down, In-Out etc. Useful for control of tailgates winches, windlasses, snowplows and more.
  • Silver contacts.
  • Double Post Double Throw (DPDT)
  • Momentary On - Off - Momentary On. (Left) Reverse On 1&4, 2&3, (Right) Forward On 1&3, 2&4
  • 50 Amp at 12 Volt DC

Specially designed to operate tarps and winches on vehicles, and windlasses on boats. A 50A DPDT switch with heavy duty components that delivers continued reliability. Constructed with heavy gauge (3/32” thick) terminals and silver-laminated contacts to resist arcing over a long working life.

  • Three positions: Momentary On - Off - Momentary On, the switch is ideal for activating forward or reverse motion of a motor.
  • With a tarping system the motion would be: Cover/ Uncover
  • With a hoist or tailgate: Up/Down
  • With a windlass: Raise Anchor/Lower Anchor.



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