CH 75601-14-BX Cole Hersee Electronic Windshield Wiper 5-Position Switch

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Cole Hersee Electronic Windshield Wiper Switch 5 Position

Part Number: CH 75601-14-BX

Features and Benefits
  • Push-to-Wash Capable (2-3 wipes after released)
  • Intensity settings are not load-sensitive
  • Controls most two-speed wiper motors.
  • Conform to SAE J1455, J112a and J234
  • Power supply circuit protected from noise, reverse polarity, field decay, RF radiation, and load dump
  • Low Heat Generation
  • Rated 12V DC to 16 Volts Max
  • Five positions: Off - Int Delay - Short Delay - Low - High : Push-to-Wash
  • SAE Wiper-Washer Knob Symbol
  • Eight Pin Delphi #2965972 and One Pin Delphi #8905650 Input Terminals
  • Mounting Method: 7/16" (11.11mm) / .448 (11.37mm) Long


Littelfuse Windshield Wiper Switches are designed for in-cabin wiper control. Their mounting, body, and actuator features are designed for ease-of-use and extended product lifecycle.

The Electronic Windshield Wiper Switches ensure dependable control of windshield wipers on heavy duty vehicles. They are designed with intermittent delay feature for permanent magnet electric wiper motors. Switches are not compatible with self-parking wiper motors; a park-signal is required from the wiper motor.



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