BL PAC-625 AGS Poly-Armour PVF Steel Brake Line Coil (3/8" x 25")

Sale price$29.00 USD


AGS Poly-Armour PVF Steel Brake/Fuel/Transmission Line Tubing Coil (3/8" x 25")

Part Number: BL PAC-625

  • Color: Dark Green
  • Fittings Attached: No
  • Material: PVF Coated Steet

Poly-Armour is different from anything else on the market due to its PVF or Poly-Vinyl Fluorine coat. This coating is actually a highly durable 'plastic' coating that is 'baked and cured' to the line. This provides extra protection from corrosion, debris, and road surfacing solutions. It also offers superior bend-ability without kinking. Poly-Armour should be used on any vehicle that will see any type of harsh environment including snow, road treatments, salt, air, dirt/gravel, etc.

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