BL FXB-312 AGS British Flexible Brake Line 3/16" (3/8-24 Bubble)

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AGS British Flexible Brake Line 3/16 (3/8-24 Bubble)

Part Number: BL FXB-312

End 1 Type: Bubble Flare
End 2 Type: Bubble Flare
End 1 Thread Diameter: 3/8 - 24
End 2 Thread Diameter: 3/8 - 24

Fitting Finish: Zinc Dichromate
Fitting Material: Steel
Fitting Type: Female
Line Material: Rubber

3/16 3/8-24 ISO - Flexx-Fit Lines are the newest and most advanced fluid transfer lines from AGS - the leader in brake, fuel, and transmission lines. Flexx-Fit Lines are not brake hoses! Flexx-Fit Lines are flexible brake lines. Use them anywhere a more flexible, shock-resistant, and corrosion-proof section of line is needed. 
Top Applications: ABS Controllers, Master Cylinders, Trailers - Boat, RV, etc., Clutch, Wheel Cylinder/Brakes, Motorcycles - Rear Brake, Rear Axle - RWD.

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