BL BLU-10B AGS Brass Brake Line Union 6mm (M12x1.0 Bubble)

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AGS Brass Brake Line Union 6mm (M12 x 1.0 Bubble Flare)

Part Number: BL BLU-10B

Material: Brass
Thread Type: Metric
Thread Diameter: 12 X 1.0 mm
Tube Diameter: 6mm


Unions are used to join two brake, fuel, or transmission lines together. This may be needed, for example, in long runs from the dual master cylinder to the rear axle. Match the thread and flare type to the lines being connected. It is important that both flare type and thread match for a leak-proof connection. Use for joining 6mm GM brake lines.



  • FMSI Universal: 4238
  • NAPA Brakes: 641-3294
  • Dorman: 490-339

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