BL BLF-52B AGS Steel Tube Nut, 6mm Tube (M12x1.5 Bubble)

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AGS Steel Tube Nut (6mm Tube, M12 x 1.5 Bubble Flare)

Part Number: BL BLF-52B

  • Finish: Zinc
  • Material: Steel
  • Tube Size: 6 mm
  • Thread Diameter: 12 X 1.5 mm
  • Thread Type #1: Metric

Tube nuts are used in all types of automotive hydraulic lines, including brake fuel, oil, and transmission. To make a connection, place nut over the tubing with the threaded end pointed towards the end to be flared (repeat on the other end of tube). The tubes flare will be clamped between the nut and the flare seat when tightened. Tube nuts are offered in a variety of packaging options, including: retail clamshells, bulk boxed, and plastic tray assortments. Tube nuts are formed to work with either SAE Inverted Double Flare (Domestic and Japanese vehicles) or ISO Bubble Flare (European and British vehicles). In either case, the tube nut must be selected to match the end form of the tube or port it will be mating to or a proper seal will not be possible.



FMSI Universal: 3422
NAPA Brakes: 641-3330

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