AGS WL15 AGS Lith-Ease White Lithium Grease (16 oz)

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AGS Lith Ease White Lithium Grease (16 ounce tub)

Part Number: AGS WL15

Replaces: RAD L6-66

White Lithium Grease, or LITH-EASE®, is a high-performance, multipurpose grease designed for automotive, marine, industrial, and home use. This enduring lubricant boasts impressive water and heat resistance as well as rust and corrosion protection. Additionally, with its high film strength, White Lithium Grease remains in place even with weather fluctuations or extreme temperatures. Unlike other substances which can melt or freeze, LITH-EASE® guarantees you a long-lasting lubrication that won't gum up or run off.

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