AGS RG18 AGS RU-GLYDE Tire Mounting Lubricant (1 gal)

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AGS RU-GLYDE Tire Mounting Lubricant (1 Gallon)

Part Number: AGS RG18

RU-GLYDE Tire Mounting Lube Lubrication is an essential part of tire mounting and dismounting service. Always lubricate with the industry-approved RU-GLYDE to protect against bead damage and to help seat tire beads properly on the rim. Will not cause rust or tires to slip after mounting and balancing. Removes rubber squeals in bushing and grommets. Restores new look to floor mats, tires, and upholstery.

  • Mount and dismount tires easier and faster
  • Prevents corrosion and slippage
  • Protect against bead damage



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