AGS ODP-65271B AGS Accufit Oil Drain Plug Gasket (Copper 1/2" / M12)

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AGS Accufit Oil Drain Plug Gasket Copper (1/2" / M12)

Part Number: AGS ODP-65271B

Color : Copper
Inside Diameter : 1/2" / M12
Material : Copper

15 OE-style replacement gaskets for the most popular OE-style oil drain plugs. Allows easy replacement of worn or damaged oil drain plug gaskets. Many applications/sizes available in copper, rubber, nylon, aluminum, metal, and synthetic gasket materials. AGS ACCUFIT Oil Drain Plug is a high-coverage/low-part number program that covers up to 93% of all vehicles on the road, including domestic, European, Japanese, British, and Korean models, while reducing inventory and associated costs by 80%.

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