AGS LE5 AGS LOCK-EASE Graphited Lock Fluid Lubricant Spray (3 oz)

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AGS LOCK-EASE Graphite Lock Fluid (3 ounce spray bottle)

Part Number: AGS LE5

Lock-Ease Graphited Lock Fluid is the ideal choice for tackling sticky, rusty and frozen locks. This advanced product acts as a rapid penetrant, coating the inner components of the lock mechanism to provide superior protection against moisture and prevent it from locking up even in extremely cold temperatures. Additionally, Lock-Ease leaves a graphited film behind that shields against rust while also enhancing ease of use. Suggested applications include all types of locks, household appliances, guns, fishing reels and other delicate mechanisms.

  • Seals out moisture from working parts
  • Makes locks work easier year-round
  • Protects against sticking, rust, and freezing



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