AGS HH-1K AGS Hitch & Haul Lubrication Maintenance Kit

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AGS Hitch and Haul Lubrication Maintenance Kit

Part Number: AGS HH-1K

Innovative 2-chambered single-use pouch makes for the perfect add-on or impulse sale Packaged in highly visible counter ready 20-packmerchandiser. Or hang on peghook or clipstrip Two Greases in One! White Lithium Grease & Dielectric Grease Maintain and protect your trailer and tow vehicle with this handy 2-grease kit.

  • Contains high-grade lubricants for all metal-to-metal contact points and electrical connections.
  • Prevents rust, corrosion, and electrical shorts in extreme conditions.
  • Won’t wash out, won’t freeze or melt. 
  • The white lithium grease is perfect for use on hitch balls, receivers, and couplers
  • The dielectric grease is ideal for connectors, bulbs, and batteries.

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