AGS DS-2 AGS Dielectric Silicone Compound Tube (0.5 oz)

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AGS Dielectric Silicone Compound Tube (0.5 ounce)

Part Number: AGS DS-2

Dielectric Grease provides a moisture-proof barrier for electrical connections and wiring. Locks out weather, salt, and dirt, even in severe outdoor conditions. Stops Electrical Failures. A “MUST” for all electronic and standard ignitions. Meets OEM specifications. Only Dielectric Silicone works on HIGH ENERGY IGNITION SYSTEMS.

  • Prevents mis-readings.
  • Seals out moisture and corrosion.
  • Suggested applications: plugs, sockets, connectors, bulbs, trucks, marine, cars, outdoor equipment, and underground connections, sensor connections, computer connections, solenoids, truck pigtails, plugs, ignition modules and coils, marine connections, lighting systems, batteries, and terminals.

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